Community Outreach

The Foundation provides financial support towards programs that promote relationship building between the ACPD and our community.

For fun activities with our police officers, we have annual "Putt Putt with the Police", 'Bowling with Badges," and "Santa Patrol". Then we have a "Citizens Police Academy" that provides citizens with an in-depth look at all aspects of the Albemarle County Police Department. The eight-week academy educates community members about the work of the ACPD and also helps to build partnerships and foster positive relationships. The graduates of the academy continue to work with the police department and support the ACPD as advocates in the community. From traffic stops, to mental health calls to interacting in the shooting simulator, every graduate will leave with a better understanding of the various facets of law enforcement.

putt putt with the chief putt putt with the Police


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One of the Foundation's priorities is to support programs and events that are designed to create positive interaction between police officers and the community with a focus on educating the public on police practices and the police department learning about the community.


In 2017, the ACPF established the Albemarle County Police Foundation Educational Scholarship Program as a benefit for Albemarle County police officers and staff.


From time to time, the Albemarle County Police Department and its officers, need or want training, equipment, supplies and/or support that is not included in the County Police budget. The Foundation is pleased to supplement what the county budget provides to ensure a professional, highly educated and trained organization, equipped to prevent crime and enhance the overall safety of our community. The Albemarle County Police Foundation is committed to the ideal that a dedicated, well-trained, and modernly-equipped police department leads to a safer community.


Financially assisting our officers to move into the jurisdiction that they serve, will aid in building community relations and they will become more vested in our County.


For many years, Foundation dollars have gone towards purchasing law enforcement dogs, training and feeding them, and making sure they have what they need.